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Trainer and Artist of Permanent Makeup

Born and raised in Orange County, California, I’ve developed a passion for cosmetology at an early age and became an eyebrow perfectionist. For over 20 years, I was known to be “the brow girl” at a salon that I’ve worked at in Venice, California. I’ve realized that there are high demands for the keen eye for the most perfect eyebrows and I’ve decided to make it permanent. Clients would come in to get their eyebrows done-shaped,groomed, and filled in weekly. It wasn’t until I’ve discovered microblading and semi permanent makeup that I knew it would be the best procedure for my clients-including myself.

In order to provide the best service at my fullest potential, I’ve became a Certified Permanent Makeup Artist and a Licensed Cosmetologist at the #1 permanent makeup training center in Los Angeles- graduating top of my class and becoming a practical instructor at the school.My training and experience in the industry has allowed me to become an expert in creating an ideal look for you. I enjoy working with my clients-individually- to create their ideal look that will brought out their best features. I’m well known for my detailed work and my collaboration with each client to ensure that the permanent makeup has a gorgeous end result.

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